Feb. 17, 2021

A Good Day - Julie Carter

We tend to depart the presence of loved ones by sending wishes to "Have a Good Day," without thinking what that really means and also assuming that their day begins once they have left our presence.  Join author Julie Carter as she shares her book, A Good Day as it chronicles the daily routine of "CJ" as he and his family give us insight that a good day truly starts at home, from the moment you wake and in the company of those you love.

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Julie Carter


Julie Carter was born and raised on 32 sq miles in the middle of the Caribbean Sea on a beautiful island in the US Virgin Islands (“Rock City” St. Thomas) to a single and working class mother who did everything she could to make sure her children did not fall victim to their circumstances. Leaving the islands at age 17, she’s experienced life in extraordinary ways. Julie rights to inspire her kids with their own lives in print and color. She and her family now reside in Virginia.