Jan. 20, 2021

Do You Know What Makes a Man? - Del’Shawn Taylor

"Do you know what makes a man?  I am not so sure I understand."  This is the question asked by a young boy earnestly searching for the ingredients for his "manhood recipe."  But what we learns is more value than just a few characteristics as the people in his life give him vision and inspiration as he goes forth on his quest.  Join us as we venture through this tale with guest author, Del'Shawn Taylor, as he shares this story of kindness, strength, and love, as told in his first book, Do you Know What Makes a Man?.

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Del'Shawn Taylor


Del'Shawn Taylor is an award-winning baritone, composer, pianist, educator, author, and arts equity advocate. When he isn't composing or performing, he is either binge-watching a new series on Netflix with his wife, Chanel and their puppy Malachi, spending time with his beloved family or he is traveling around the country or Europe. He is an avid arts activist within his community serving on different boards and committees. Currently, he is completing his MBA and applying to EdD programs that focus on educational equity within urban communities. He recently released his first children's book Do you Know What Makes a Man? ," in his series Believe It! Achieve it! that seeks to empower Black youth. His favorite quote is, "Have courage and be kind."