March 3, 2021

How Red Ants Got Their Color - I. Carole Husbands

Storytelling is a tradition in African and Caribbean culture and How Red Ants Got Their Color is a story within a story.  Author I. Carol Husbands shares a telling tale not just about a father and daughter enjoying a picnic interrupted by the ants but the story is beautifully set with the picturesque island of St. Thomas as a major character.  Listen and and perhaps you will learn just how red ants really got their color.

I. Carole Husbands


Imani Marley-Husbands is a child of the Caribbean that uses the pen name I. Carole Husbands. She is the author of the Folk Tales of the Caribbean series of books. She is the proud mother of two adult children David Nesta and Chantal Andre, who were raised in St. Thomas and Atlanta. Additionally, Imani is the Co-President of the University of the Virgin Islands Georgia Alumni Chapter.

Her first grandbaby Dahlia, was born on Oct 5th, 2020; so she adds “Nanita” to her many titles such as: mother, wife, ballerina, a member of the choir, a Traditional Caribbean Clown, a baker of yummy cakes, and a photographer that is known to take the candid picture of you when you are biting into a burger. You will find her at most community events snapping away [which is why her nickname “Snaps” was given to her during the Atlanta Hip Hop Festival in 2010].

She does her best writing on a Caribbean beach, or at home on her sunny eastern Atlanta deck overlooking her garden. I. Carole loves to take her readers to" the days gone by" of the Caribbean; transporting readers to a place where the palm trees sway and the livestock roams free, the people are stronger than the tropical breezes, the land is surrounded by turquoise water, and sitting on Grandma's lap as she reads to you is alive and well!"

Currently she has three titles listed on Amazon for purchase: The Rooster and his Crown (St. John, USVI); Granny Says (Barbados) and How the Red Ants got their Color (St. Thomas, USVI). She is currently working on her next installment which takes place in Jamaica.