March 31, 2021

I Am Not Being Lazy, I Just Don't Understand - Gina Paul

It's hard enough being the new kid and when you don't speak the same language as everyone else you standout even more - and not in a good way.  In her new book,  I Am Not Being Lazy, I Just Don't Understand, Gina Paul shares a story based on her experiences as she and her family immigrated to Brooklyn, New York from the Caribbean island of Haiti.  This heartwarming story about young Georgette's struggle to be seen even though her words could not be understood is a tale of triumph for all.

Gina Paul


Gina Paul is an inner-city early childhood special education teacher and will soon be a licensed bilingual teacher. She came to the United States at the age of ten and spoke no English. She learned the language through watching educational children’s programs on television. Gina is a strong believer in bridging the gap between cultures and communities, which she believes can be accomplished by educating young people about history, creating opportunities to share stories, recognizing individual differences, and having a healthy appreciation for diversity.