March 10, 2021

Know Your Hairitage: Zara's Wash Day - Zenda Walker

Zara's weekly hair washing ritual with her mother is anything but mundane.  While she may not look forward to the discomfort which accompanies the washing and combing of her hair, she enjoys the time she spends with her mother learning about her heritage and her HAIRITAGE.  Hairstyles some simple, yet telling a story of pride and a rich African legacy which reveal to Zara that with her "crown" on her head she can take on the world.

Zenda Walker


Zenda Walker is an author, licensed cosmetologist, and beauty marketing executive.
Originally from the Bronx, New York, she enjoys traveling, spontaneous dance parties, exploring and developing beauty trends, and chocolate desserts. Zenda is a co-founder of Bounce Mobile Fitness Club, LLC. – a fitness business specializing in rebounding workouts. Zenda resides in Los Angeles, California with her daughter Zara Olivia.