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Ty Allan Jackson

Awesome interview with an awesome author who has clearly immersed himself into the world of entertaining, educating & empowering our young people of color. Kudos!

Great Interview

I enjoyed the lively and frank discussion with Gina Paul about bullying and cultural insensitivity. It raised a lot of issues that are still so relevant today.

Thank You!

“Thank you so much for the episode featuring Glenn Kwabena Davis. I was back home for 50 minutes.” 🇻🇮

Inspiring Conversations with Authors

I’m not sure quite what I thought this podcast would sound like but three episodes in and I’ve loved every episode. I love the breadth of the questions asked by Zenzi. The episodes are not only about the specific book but focus so much on the writing and the writers’ intentions and inspirations. I really find this podcast to not only be an incredible source of information on books that I’d like to introduce to my kids but also, as an aspiring writer, it is incredibly inspiring to hear such insightful conversations with other authors “like us”. (Pardon the play on the title, please.)