May 26, 2021

The Discussion: A Necessary Dialogue for Change - Cedric Threatt

How many friends do you have? Do they all look like your or are they different from you? Do you share the same thoughts, goals, and values? Author Cedric L. Threatt shows us the importance of sitting down and talking with someone in order to know what’s really on their mind. “The Discussion: A Necessary Dialogue for Change” is the story of two young boys, Rashad and Kenny, and the classroom conversation that tests the strength of their friendship.

Cedric Threatt

The Discussion: A Necessary Dialogue for Change

Cedric Threatt is an author, poet, public speaker and veteran who lives in Odenville, AL. He developed a passion for writing and speaking at an early age after his 7th grade Literature teacher entered him in a poetry reading contest. As a result of his love for poetry and the spoken word, he has written and published 20 books for young children, teens and adults. He has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows, newspapers, magazines and even a short film. He has visited hundreds of schools and other venues where he has shared his books and poetry with audiences of all ages. His dynamic personality has caused many to refer to him as Cedric “The Edu-Tainer,” because he educates and entertains his audiences. He has an earnest desire to be an inspiration to everyone through his writing and speaking talents by helping them realize their potential within, and by encouraging them to follow their dreams.