Oct. 14, 2021

[ENCORE] There's a Bee in My Book Bag!: A Tale with Two Sides - Lisa Suber

"I grab my book bag. Hey ... what's that sound? There's a bee in my book bag. This is REALLY bad!" Sounds like a tale easy to understand. You find a bee in your book bag, I think you know what to do. But not so fast, wait until you read a bit more and learn that the bee has a side to tell that you really should hear. "I was trapped in a dark place. I met a bunch with no class." The side of the story told by the bee, this sounds like a "she said, bee said" kind of story. Find our what all the buzz is about in this episode with guest author, Lisa Martin Suber, as she shares her sweet story, There's A Bee in My Book Bag: A Tale with Two Sides.

Lisa Martin Suber


Lisa Martin Suber has been an elementary school educator for more than twenty years and a bug lover all her life. She began writing short stories, songs, plays, and poems at an early age. Teaching her students to craft their own stories is one of her greatest passions. She is also an avid reader, traveler, foodie, and hiker. She wrote this book, There’s a Bee in My Book Bag, to encourage young people to appreciate nature and the beauty of all things great and small.