The Crossover

Twelve-year-old twins and basketball stars Josh and Jordan Bell must learn to deal with problems on and off the court as they navigate homework, first crushes, family and, of course, basketball.

Chef Toussaint

From fried chicken to Apple Cinnamon French Toast, you will love watching Chef Toussaint make magic in the kitchen. Join this 9-year-old master chef as he turns his grandmother’s old recipes into award-winning dishes. Experience the power of literacy through a great storyline and amazing images.

The Discussion: A Necessary Dialogue for Change

How well do you know your friends? Find out what happens when two young boys - Rashad and Kenny - have their friendship tested following a revealing classroom discussion about current events.

You Can Become a Doctor Too

Before Career Day at his school, Art and his classmates believe becoming a doctor is impossible. After listening to the doctors, this all changes.

Do You See the Monster Under My Bed?

Many children around the world have often wondered what lies underneath their beds at night. In this story, Chuka and his Dad try to uncover what lurks in the darkness underneath his bed. Join Chuka and Dad for the ride to see what they find. Your child may feel empowered by the child in this story to feel less anxious at bedtime, especially when the lights go out or dim. Does your little one have an anxiety monster that may take on many shapes and likes to visit at bedtime? Learn to tame your imagination and decrease bedtime anxiety.

The Talk: A Conversation Between a Black Father and His Son

To the boy who has teach himself to shoot hoops, dodge bullies, and charm girls. To the boy who struggles to hang on to his good memories. To the boy who has to fix his mother's car. This one's for you. Across the nation, countless young boys are dealing with the same pain: They are growing up without their fathers. Michael A. Woodward Jr's "Father Father" addresses a harsh reality with gentle, and sometimes hauntingly familiar, words. In a culture where boys can easily sink under feelings of isolation and abandonment, this poem offers sympathy, solidarity, and hope for a brighter future.

I Have a Secret! ¡Tengo un Secreto!: Yunito’s Adventures-Las Aventuras de Yunito

"Shhh… I have a secret and I don’t want anyone to know about it. I’m starting school and I am so happy that my teacher only asks us to share our first name. If she asked for my last name I think everyone might find out what my secret it." What happens when a young boy not only doesn't want to speak his native language of Spanish, he doesn't want anyone to speak Spanish to him, even at home, and doesn't want anyone at his school to know that he is of Spanish decent?

What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z

What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z is an inspiring and easy-to-read alphabet picture book that teaches our next generation about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers. This book provides colorful illustrations of six diverse children representing various STEM careers (i.e. astronauts, doctors, scientists, and engineers, etc), helping children (5 to 8 years old) see themselves in one of the STEM careers, and motivates them to shape their future through STEM!

The Adventures of LiLi: A Miracle at Bates Memorial

A Miracle at Bates Memorial is the first book in the children's series, The Adventures of Li-Li. Inspired by her daughter, Maleah "Li-Li," Author Gin Noon Spaulding provides insight on sensory issues by sharing personal accounts of her daughter's childhood journey with Hyperlexia III, a speech delay, and sensory issues. Little Li-Li is full of life and experiences it differently from others. However, once her family becomes knowledgeable of sensory issues, life becomes even richer for Li-Li, as through understanding comes love and respect.

The Supadupa Kid

Javon Williams was just a normal kid until a freak accident gave him amazing superpowers. The only problem? The neighborhood bully, Hoody, acquired his own superpowers and is using them to terrorize the city! Javon attempts to save the city by becoming…The Supadupa Kid!

I Am Not Being Lazy, I Just Don't Understand

Georgette is new to the country. She is starting the fifth grade and does not speak any English. She is trying to participate and make friends in class, but it is not going well. No one speaks her language. However, she is determined and eager to show everyone that she is not lazy, she just doesn’t understand. Follow Georgette as she fights through her fears and fumbles with her words on her journey to learn English and make friends.

Know Your Hairitage: Zara's Wash Day

It's wash day and Zara is not excited about wearing her hair in the same styles Mama usually creates. But once Mama takes Zara on a cultural journey to help her understand the significance of each hairstyle, wash days will never be the same! Know Your Hairitage: Zara's Wash Day is a semi-biographical story about the hair text are and cultural styles of people of African descent and are linked to a colorful and layered ancestral story.

How Red Ants Got Their Color

Did you ever wonder why the sky is blue and grapes are green? Take a trip back to the Caribbean days of old when things were still simple, and people knew the answers to big questions like How did Red Ants get their Color? Journey along with Adriane and her Dad, as they take a ride from the north side of St. Thomas island to see the sights of down town Charlotte Amalie. Be there as they discover a different kind of adventure when they meet a lunch guest that likes cinnamon sweet potato muffins just as much as they do.

The Adventures of Max and Levi: The Alpha League Book Series

The heroic, “The Alpha League” book series follows 5 unlikely kids who subsequently become friends and hero’s in their community. In the first book of the series, “The Adventures of Max and Levi”, Max learns an intriguing technique on how to handle a bully in school. This book will help kids build the confidence they need to deal with bullies and encourages children to react when they see their friends being bullied.

A Good Day

A quick read that can be a great bedtime or anytime story. With bright vibrant colors and illustrative scenes, A Good Day is sure to keep the youngest readers’ engaged in this super simple story about a morning routine through the eyes of a toddler. Read, share, and re-read as CJ walks readers through the notion that the love of family is all that is needed to start A Good Day!

Hello Queen

Hello Queen is a poetic portrayal of what a Queen represents – beauty, intelligence, determination and more. It is an affirmation and reminder that there is a Queen in each of us regardless of your age or profession. Through beautiful paintings and graphic illustrations, readers are able to learn about African culture. Young girls and women will be able to boldly say, I am a Queen!

Someone is Watching You

Someone Is Watching You is a children's book that focuses on the father and son relationship and the bond that they develop over time. The book shows the reader that children learn by watching and it reminds parents that their actions are being studied by their kids.

What Color is Your Rainbow?

What Color is Your Rainbow is the perfect baby board book for all zero to four year olds learning their colors and learning how to sight-read.

Do you Know what Makes a Man? --- Del'Shawn Taylor

"Do You Know What Makes a Man," is an enlightening story of a young boy's quest to uncover what it means to be a man! Is it his strength or is it his size? Is it his ability to make blueberry pies? Open this book to see a young boy's journey to discovery, as he learns from family members, friends, and teachers what it truly means to be a man.

#ENOUGH --- Tasha Ellis, EdD

Christopher's dad, Lieutenant Chatmon, is Chris's hero. Christopher's parents have provided his family with a dreamy life. Christopher has great friends (Kevin and Miguel), is an honor student, has great parents and grandparents, and even a little sister Camille whom he adores (most of the time). Life is great! Suddenly, a noticeable and unavoidable shift happens. Christopher becomes exposed to brutality through other kids and television. He begins to question why brutal things appear to be happening to children and people that resemble him as opposed to people who look like one of his best friends, Kevin. Christopher's perfect world no longer seems so perfect. He has more questions than answers. Are Christopher's parents ready to have a tough but necessary conversation? The more Christopher learns about current and past brutality, the more he realizes that he has had #enough!

There's a Bee in My Book Bag --- Lisa Martin Suber

This charming book, told from two perspectives, reveals what happens when an unexpected guest visits a classroom. Children will delight in experiencing the action from different points of view. Lisa Martin Suber has been a teacher for almost 20 years and a bug lover all her life.